Terms Of Service

By accessing our website at https://604appliance.ca/ , you are hereby agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions, all applicable laws & legislations, and regulations of British Columbia. Additionally, you expressly agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to review & familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions prior to or while scheduling a repair appointment in order to allow our authorized representative technicians to commence the requested services.

By booking an online appointment at https://604appliance.ca/ , or by making a reservation with 604 Appliance Repair over the phone, you expressly agree with the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

604 Appliance Repair (“We”, “Us”, “Our”), warrants that all of our team members (“technicians”, “representatives”, “partners”) are professionally trained and insured in a manner appropriate to their role. 

By requesting our services, you agree to the following terms:

Conditions Of Sale & Refund Policy

The sale of any parts & services provided, including diagnostics, repair labour, replacement parts, and estimates provided by 604 Appliance Repair are considered “as is” and “final sale”. Our company, and our technicians, will not provide refunds on any parts after they have been installed and the appliance issue we were contracted for is deemed as resolved by our technician in all reasonable aspects. Additionally, we reserve the right to not provide refunds on any parts ordered and subsequently canceled by the customer after the part has been ordered, whether or not the part has been installed. In particular, this pertains to manufacturer backorder parts.

Additionally, our company and our technicians will not, under any circumstances, provide a refund on the service fee of $129 billed as part of the diagnostic or repair labour, regardless of customer expectations or the achieved results of the services provided by our company to the customer.

Any prospective refunds pertaining to the diagnostic labour & repair labour billed by the technician will be performed at the sole discretion of the technician in question.

Indemnification & Damages Disclaimer

Any and all damages arising from work performed by our technicians must be reported to us no later than 24-hours after the completion of a repair or appointment during which the damage took place. 

By booking an appointment with our company, you expressly agree not to hold our company, or our technicians liable, at fault, or request compensation from, for any damages or losses to your equipment, furnishings, household goods, buildings, or any issues arising from and in connection with the services performed by our technicians.

Parts & Labour Warranty

Any part claimed to be defective must be inspected by our technicians prior to authorizing a recall and/or ensuing replacement of parts in order to determine the issue.

You hereby agree that the 90-day warranty provided on parts installed by our technicians, and labour performed by our technicians is only applicable in cases of manufacturing defects, or professional mistakes made by the technician in the performance of requested services specifically related to the original issue the technicians were dispatched to address.

In certain circumstances, such as new issues arising, return visits may be billed to the customer in-full or at a discounted rate if the customer’s recall for the work performed by the technician arises from the customer not following the express and professional directions provided by the technician in regards to their appliance, or if an entirely new issue arises not related to the work performed by our technician previously.

For example, not cleaning the dryer ventilation ducting after a parts replacement, or in cases where the appliance is very difficult to access and the customer does not make the appliance readily available to the technician, the technician may bill the customer a de-installation and maintenance labour rate of $50.00 at the start of every 30 minutes the technician spends on this task.

Additionally, if there are repeat visits due to the customer not following the technician’s directions – the technician may bill the customer the aforementioned labour rate, plus a $129 service charge for each recurring visit.

Cancellation Policy

In certain instances, we may collect payment information and authorization of payment prior to performing services for, or sending a technician to an appointment made with the customer. 

The customer expressly agrees that any appointment cancellations within the same working day of the date of the appointment may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Ensuring the cancellation, rescheduling, and other adjustments to the arranged appointment are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Invoicing & Payment Policy

By setting up an appointment with our company, via any medium (including, but not limited to, online bookings, phone calls, emails, live chat messages, social media messaging, text messaging, and referrals), you expressly agree that you fully understand the policies & prices quoted to you, and to pay in-full the service fee and labour rates quoted to you over the phone prior to booking the appointment.

Additionally, if you should request the procurement or installation of parts from our technicians or our company, you hereby agree to pay in full the quoted price of the part, as well as any related charges including, but not limited to, installation labour, shipping fees, deposits, and prepayments for the cost of parts.

In certain circumstances, pertaining to the installation and accessibility of an appliance – the technician may charge additional labour in order to make the appliance accessible or otherwise ready to be serviced during their visit. 

You hereby agree that you will perform your due diligence and apply best efforts in order to make the appliance accessible for the technician prior to their visit, and if the appliance should be inaccessible, or difficult to service – you expressly agree to pay in full the additional labour rates, which will be quoted to you by the technician during the time of service. 

If you should allow our technicians to commence the provision of services, you agree that you understand any and all prices quoted to you, and agree to pay in full any charges ensuing from the provision of services by our technicians.

Additionally, you agree that all services performed by the technician, and any goods sold to you, the customer, are to be paid for at the time of the visit. As such, any remote-payment, or after-pay arrangements, if such are available and approved by our company prior to the time of service, should be made explicitly clear to our company prior to booking an appointment with our technicians.

In the event that you request to pay by invoice, you hereby explicitly agree to pay any resulting invoices from our company or our technicians in full no later than within 3 business days from the time of the invoice being sent to you.

Call Recording & Storage Of Personal Information

By booking an appointment with our company, you consent to us retaining your personal information for reporting, marketing, warranty & service purposes for a minimum period of 3 years.

If you would like to have your personal information removed from our database, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Waiver Of Liability & Damages

Water Bearing Appliances

Whenever any machinery, appliance, or component relevant to our work is connected in any way to the building’s plumbing, it is hereby deemed to be “water bearing”. 

As such, the customer agrees that there is an inherent risk that the failure of components, imperfect connections and/or other faults may potentially result in unintended leakage and/or flooding within the building, the home, or otherwise, the customer’s property. This may cause significant and sometimes catastrophic damage.  

Except for cases of gross, clearly evidenced, and explicitly identifiable misconduct, carelessness, or failure to perform in accordance to professional standards by the technician – the customer agrees to hold Starline Appliance North Vancouver harmless from any and all damages, loss, or liability that may arise from such an occurrence.  

By allowing our technician to commence the provision of services, you, the customer, explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Cooling Failures

Refrigeration equipment (including, but not limited to, refrigerators and freezers) consists of a vast multitude of complex components. These components may fail without warning, and any effort by our technician to service and/or repair these components and their components carries inherent risk.  

The customer agrees that in the provision of services, under certain conditions, unrelated to the technician’s work – damage may arise to the components of and the refrigeration appliances themselves. Such damages and failures may lead to the spoilage of food, some degree of discomfort, inconvenience, and prospective loss of revenue, inability to service customers, among others.  

You expressly acknowledge that, by providing services for and to your refrigeration appliances, Starline Appliance Repair North Vancouver is not accepting the liability, harm, or responsibility for any such risks.  As such, you hereby agree that all risks in respect to the provision of our services are your own (or your company’s) alone, and you agree to hold our company harmless from liability in regards to such risks, damages, failures, and losses. 

By allowing our technicians to commence the provision of services, you hereby explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Glass Cooktops

The customer agrees that in removing, lifting, adjusting, or otherwise dealing with a glass or ceramic cooktop in order to access the components below it, there is an inherent risk of breakage.  

The cooktop is commonly attached with a strong adhesive substance, and it is not always possible for the technician to remove it without the surface fracturing under stress, or due to other conditions.  

Starline Appliance Repair North Vancouver expects our technicians to exercise every due level of professional care and diligence in this matter. 

Nevertheless, you, the customer, hereby agree to not hold our company liable, at fault, at harm, or claim responsibility from our company for damages, losses, and other issues arising from these risks.  

You expressly agree that all such risks are your own (or your company’s) alone. By allowing our technicians to commence the provision of services, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Website Disclaimer

The materials provided on our website (https://604appliance.ca/ ) are provided “as is”. Our company does not provide, make, or guarantee any warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates any and all other warranties pursuant to the materials and content provided, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other violations of rights.