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It’s no secret that washing your clothes by hand sucks. And in today’s times, a broken washing machine can cause a lot of headache. That’s why we’re here 7 days a week to help you get your broken washing machine back in order. Our professional local washer repair technicians are highly certified, licensed, and insured to service washing machines of just about all makes and models.

washing machine repair services by 604 Appliance Repair in the metro Vancouver area.

No matter if you’ve got a top-loading washing machine or an apartment-sized front-loading unit, we have the experience and know-how to be able to fix it quickly and affordably.

Not sure if we’re the right company to call for your washer repair needs? Just read some of our reviews! Our expert technicians are some of the best-rated in the metro Vancouver area.

No matter how small of an issue or how big of a problem your washing machine is experiencing, we’re experienced in solving just about any type of issue you could face with a laundry unit via our washing machine repair services.

  • Water leaking from washer
  • Not draining or not filling
  • Not spinning or agitating
  • Loud noises during cycle or error codes

Professional Washing Machine Repair Service Near You

Sure, you could try to DIY your washer repair. But take a second to imagine the headache and time that it would take. Not to mention your DIY efforts may not end up fixing the issue in the end, or create more problems than you started out with. That’s why you should call our licensed washer repair technicians in the lower mainland to make sure the job gets done right the first time around.

Whirlpool / Maytag Washer Repair

Whirlpool is known for very durable and long-lasting washers. From the Maytag Neptune to the more modern front-loading variants, and even the Thin Twin closet stackers – our washing machine repair technicians know exactly how to deal with your Whirlpool unit.

Samsung Washer Repairs

While Samsung washers get a lot of flack – they’re actually pretty good compared to many of the new European options like Bosch and Blomberg coming to the North American market in recent years. These washing machines are usually long lasting, and the only weak point they have is the drain pump, which tends to fail when any sort of gunk or debris passes through the filter. So, check your pockets carefully before you put anything into the washer!

Kenmore Washing Machine Services

Kenmore washers are usually made by Whirlpool, Samsung, and Frigidaire for some older models. They’re usually very straightforward with a few small tricky little additions that the original manufacturer didn’t include in their own models. Got a Kenmore washer that’s acting up? Give us a call and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

Fix Your LG Washer

Washing machines made by LG are very similar to Samsung in most aspects, to the point where certain parts like the pump are actually more or less interchangeable. The key difference is the fact that LG washers seem to be a little bit more reliable when it comes to the drum support setup as opposed to Samsung’s poor quality spider arm assembly which disintegrates over time.

GE Washing Machine Repair

GE is known for making very good top loading washing machines. Their front loading units are pretty similar to LG and Samsung. And the apartment-sized washing machines and dryers are the same ones that Samsung retails. So there’s a lot of shared problems between them – all of which we know how to fix easily and quickly.

Frigidaire / Electrolux Washer Service

Frigidaire washing machines, and their fancier Electrolux counterparts tend to be very reliable, with very few weak spots. However, because of the “extra large drum” size – people mistakenly assume that these units can take a beating. In reality, they don’t have any additional capacity, and overloading the unit would actually do a lot of damage, so we recommend that you be gentle with the load sizes you’re putting in.


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