Got a broken gas or electric oven in metro Vancouver? No worries! Our professional oven repair technicians can help with your project anywhere in the lower mainland.

The oven is a keystone appliance in just about any modern kitchen. Sure – you can do most of your cooking on a stovetop, or even microwave your food, but nothing beats the oven for pastries, delicious meals, and easy to cook dishes. And that’s why then your oven breaks down, getting professional help is important in order to fix it and get it back up and running.

Gas & Electric oven repair Coquitlam service by 604 Appliance Repair in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Burnaby and Burquitlam Areas

No matter if your oven is gas or electric – 604 Appliance Repair is fully equipped to diagnose it correctly, and professionally repair it quickly and affordably. Our experienced oven repair technicians are familiar with many common brands of ovens like Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, LG, and many others.

Not sure if we’re the right company to call for your oven repair needs? Just read some of our reviews on Google. We’re rated very highly by customers near you and we’re one of the most trusted companies in metro Vancouver.

So whether you’re dealing with a simple problem or a major oven failure – we’ve got the skill-set, experience, and know-how to fix just about any issue, including some of the most common problems below.

A gas oven fixed by 604 Appliance repair in burquitlam on July 20 2022
  • Not heating up or not keeping temperature
  • Gas oven won’t ignite or leaking gas
  • Error codes or control panel not working
  • Broken oven glass or racks

Professional Gas & Electric Oven Repair Service Near You

Sure, you can try to DIY your oven repair (we hope it’s not gas! Never DIY gas appliances!) But why run the risk of damaging your appliance even further, or even just wasting your time and money on the project when you can hire a professional, certified and insured company to get it all done for you quickly and affordably? Our technicians offer same and next day appointments to help you fix your oven, and we work 7 days a week to help keep all of your household appliances in top shape.

Whirlpool / KitchenAid / Maytag Oven Repair Near You

Whirlpool ovens (both gas and electric) tend to be very reliable appliances and are among some of the most common ovens we see here in Burquitlam. The newer condos tend to prefer installing built-in wall ovens, whereas some of the houses our technicians visit usually have stove/oven combos in a more traditional setup. Some of the most common issues with these ovens are F08 codes indicating a bad cooling fan or hall sensor, elements that stop working over time, blown fuses, and doors that get stuck on lock due to improper ventilation and self-clean cycle issues.

Samsung Oven Repair Experts

While Whirlpool and Kenmore both take the cake when it comes to how commonly we see their appliances around our Service Area – Samsung is also a brand not to be forgotten. Samsung ovens have some common problems like: the oven not turning on due to a fault with the energy saving mode, breakers being tripped due to a poor cooling design, a faulty preheat mode not allowing it to heat up to set temperature, and at time even smoking ovens during the preheat cycle. However, while some of these may sound scary – all of these issues are very easy to fix for our experienced oven technicians near you.

Kenmore Oven Repairs

As we may have mentioned, Kenmore outsourced their appliances to Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and Samsung. However, when it comes to their ovens – the majority of the units that are still out and about today will be Whirlpool under the hood. This makes them (and their common problems) very similar to the standard KitchenAid and Whirlpool ovens we see today.

Fix Your LG Ovens

While LG is very similar to Samsung for most of the appliances they release both in terms of quality and the features they offer – their ovens actually differ quite a bit. Most of the LG ovens we see today are gas powered. And when it comes to common problems, bad igniters are definitely one big issue to watch out for if your oven isn’t heating up properly, fails to keep temperature, or doesn’t cook your food evenly. Their bake elements are also pretty flimsy, and the hidden element models can be quite challenging to work on even for our experience technicians. However, while the cost of an LG oven repair project is a little higher than it would be with other brands – it’s still worthwhile given that most LG ovens cost between $1,500-3,000 on todays market.

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