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When stoves break, the kitchen comes to a halt. After all, there’s only so many microwave meals or take-out evenings you could go through before you crave some real home made food. And that’s why our professional local stove repair technicians are here to help you with your gas and electric ranges 7 days a week.

Stove repair services by 604 Appliance Repair in metro Vancouver.

No matter what sort of stove you’ve got – whether it’s a professional series gas range, or a simple compact electric unit – 604 Appliance Repair has the right experience, skills, an know-how to get it fixed quickly and affordably.

Not sure if we’re the right company to call for your stove repair needs? Just read some of our reviews on Google! Our reliable and trusted technicians are some of the best-rated in the lower mainland.

No matter how small or big your stove issue is – we’re fully equipped to help you correctly diagnose it, and get it fixed in no time.

  • Burners won’t ignite or don’t stay on
  • Electric stove doesn’t heat up
  • Elements not working or overheating
  • Error codes and element/hot lights staying on

Professional Gas & Electric Stove Repair Service Near You

Stoves aren’t cheap appliances – that’s why getting them fixed is definitely a makes-sense decision. And while you won’t be short of local handymen that promise they can get it done – trust your professional and certified appliance experts in Burquitlam to get it done correctly, the first time around. Our technicians are manufacturer-trained, have all the tools and experience necessary for the job, and have access to original manufacturer parts to get your stove, range, or cook top back into working shape quickly and for good.

Whirlpool / KitchenAid / Maytag Stove Repair

Whirlpool stoves are some of the most commonly found units these days both in homes and new condos around the Tri-Cities area. And for good reason too! They’re very reliable, and both electric and gas models tend to perform very well over the years. However, they typically start to have minor issues over the years due to the barely average build quality that Whirlpool is known for. This includes receptacles, elements going south, infinity switches keeping lights on when they should be off and bad control boards on electric models.

Samsung & LG Stove Repair Help

Samsung and LG stoves are very similar in many aspects, which is to be expected since both manufacturers hail from the Korean market. Typically, they offer some cool and innovative features (at least as far as stoves and ranges go) at an affordable price. However, they tend to have some issues with major components, especially in their glass-top induction models. From the glass shattering and being very expensive to obtain and replace, to the elements going south only a few years out of the box, to poor ventilation which ends up with busted fuses, and cooling fans. However, compared to the cost of buying a new stove ($2-3,000 dollars in today’s market) – repairing these models for $400-500 on the higher end still makes very good sense.

Sears / Kenmore Stove Repair

Sears and Kenmore often outsourced a lot of their stove models to Whirlpool, Samsung and Frigidaire just as with other appliances they produced when the brand was still active. They don’t stand out much, but being older generation appliances, they’re usually relatively easy to work on, cheap to fix, and will last a life-time.

GE Stove Repair

GE stoves, especially their gas counterparts are great appliances to have around the kitchen. They’re durable, don’t need much maintenance, and will usually live through just about any sort of wear and tear that you throw at them. However, the electric models are prone to age-related issues like electronics going south, as well as issues related to the time-wise effects of improper installation like blown fuses, and cooked controls / elements and receptacles.

Frigidaire Stove Repair Near You

When it comes to Frigidaire, there’s not many weak points these stoves have. At least not beyond the normal age-related issues that any stove will experience with time. Their gas models are known for their reliability in particular, but some of the more common problems with Frigidaire stove repair projects have to do with inaccurate temperatures and inconsistent heating of elements once they’re aged.

Fulgor Milano / Bertazzoni Stove Services

Fulgor Milano and it’s parent brand Bertazzoni are both European appliances that have stated to show up more frequently around metro Vancouver, especially in the new condos being built near the Skytrain. These stoves are usually gas models, and don’t have too many issues with them beyond the usual faults like a bad spark module, or poor distributor quality, or even valves that will start to leak with time. However, while neither of these issues is complicated, they do cost a pretty penny to fix as the parts are far more expensive and the appliances are built in a way where it takes much more time than a regular gas stove to take apart, diagnose, and perform the necessary steps to bring it back to life.


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